This artist offers Card Making &/or Paper Craft  workshops combining different levels of craftiness to help develop and/or improve your skill level. Located in Bracken Ridge, Nth Brisbane, small groups of 4 crafters at any one session enjoy lots of room to spread out their crafty tools and materials. Discounts are offered for some workshops for those crafters who bring own tools and materials required. 
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The term burnish has been around for centuries and commonly described a technique by potters using the back of a spoon to polish raw clay, before firing. Lately, a phrase in paper crafting for creating a firm crease with a 'bone folder' tool is being called 'burnishing'. Burnishing means 'to polish' or 'make shiny' and this certainly applied when we were using 'bone' folders or 'plastic' ones, especially on darker coloured card stock. The result of running the folder tool over the fold did make some cardstock shiny. Most crafters have now invested in TEFLON folder tools. The result is no longer shiny. Perhaps we should simply refer to this action as 'firmly crease' rather than 'burnish'...

Most 3D projects require a small (or larger) tab to attach to another fold or side to create wonderful 3D dimension. Example being a box, a gift box with lid or a special shadow box card. Over past decades there was a weight loss product of a similar name. On PAPER & CRAFTY instruction sheets you may read this phrase 'trim tabs'. It simply means to cut with scissors to remove a 'wedge' and/or 'reduce' the length of a flap to make construction easier. Don't worry if it sounds confusing, you will be guided through this task at every workshop on a one-to-one basis.

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