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What's card making all about?

Yes you can...

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To encourage your hidden creativity through techniques and 'how-to' papercrafting workshops.


A 'class' is mostly about a teacher imparting information to a group of seated students, a WORKSHOP offers YOU a chance to move about the studio to experience use of different tools and products, learning techniques with step-by-step guidance, exploring your creativity and most importantly, experiencing shared enjoyment in a relaxed environment.


Workshops are held at a private residence located at 21 Greendale Place,  Bracken Ridge QLD (North Brisbane) Only those who have booked may attend a workshop. For more information please get in touch.


If it's your first time at a card making workshop you don't have to bring a thing. Otherwise, please refer to 'Basic Toolbox Information'.


WORKSHOPS range from $15.00 - $25.00 per crafter. Individual workshop prices will be advertised on this home page, including what to bring.

Some card making workshops may be available in KIT form. This service incurs an additional surcharge of $5.00 and when available, kits must be ordered and pre-paid prior to the advertised date.


Please refresh the workshop calendar regularly and remember to reserve your workshop spot by booking ahead.


There's adequate street parking in the cul-de-sac for crafters and visitors. Parking on the nature strip or obstructing a driveway is prohibited under Qld road rules. If in doubt where to park please refer to Residential Parking Fact Sheet.


No photographs please. The use of  an image capturing device such as mobile phone, camera, or tablet is NOT PERMITTED in the relaxed creative space due to Copyright and I.P legislation. Please also remember to turn your mobile phones to silent mode once you have settled into the relaxed creative space, and before the workshop starts. Thank You.


Alannah stocks products and tools recommended for beginners and advanced as well as stocks consumables frequently used during workshops. The 'shop' is open during advertised and operating workshop hours for crafters and visitors. Visitors, please, no walk-ins without a prior appointment, thank you.

(liquid & dots)
 (standard & wonder tape)
+Metal Rules
+Glossy Accents
+Applicator Bottles
(fine tip)
+Ink Blending Tools & Foam
+Spritzer Bottles

+A5 Cardstock (basic colours)
+Scissors (Tonic, Fiskars & Klasse)
+Paper Craft Tools (emboss, poke, quill, score)
+Stamps & Stencils (small selection)
+White Chalk Pencils
+Tools - Envelope Punch Board
+Tools - Precision Stamper
+Tools - Scoreboard

+Sundry crafty items
+Cardstock 12x12

+Handmade Cards for sale
+Paper Craft Items for sale
+Pre-Orders welcome

Welcome to a relaxed creative space offering
Card Making & Paper Craft Workshops with more ART!

Calendar of Events

"TEENY TUESDAY" starts April 2018 - stay tuned.

Salty Saturday

What is SALTY SATURDAY all about?

March 24th 2018

(above)  inspiration cards for Salty 'Citrus Blue' Saturday featuring stamps ©Darkroom Door

Doors open @ 1.00pm. Workshop commences @ 1.30pm

Bookings essential.

Cost is $15.00 per crafter.

This is a 3-hour workshop. Make 3 cards. Cost includes envelopes.

Stamping, Die Cutting, Fussy Cutting, Ink Blending, Dry Embossing, Wet Embossing, Colouring.

Tool requirements:
Paper Trimmer,
0.05mm fine liner (black),
Watercolour Pencils and Water Brush,
White 'chalk' Pencil,
3D Foam Mount,
Fussy Scissors,
Glossy Accents.

All other materials provided.

Please RSVP your interest at least 24 hours prior to the workshop, thank you.


Social Sunday

What is SOCIAL SUNDAY all about?

March 25th 2018 is now fully booked, Thank you!

Doors open @ 10.00am. Doors close @ 5.00pm
Bookings essential due to limited seating and for catering requirements.
Cost is $8.00 per crafter, includes light cold lunch.

(above) box made from an old Manilla Folder and edged with 'Spun Sugar'.

With just a sheet of 12x12 cardstock you will learn how to make this little one-piece box.
Lid opens to reveal enough space for a surprise treat...and just in time for Easter too.

BYO project requirements:
Cardstock (for box and flowers/leaves)
Scoreboard & Stylus
'wet' glue - recommended Glossy Accents

Technique Tuesday

What is TECHNIQUE TUESDAY all about?

March 27th 2018

Doors open @ 10.00am. Workshop commences @ 10.30am
Bookings essential due to limited seating.
Cost is $15.00 per crafter.

The relaxed creative space and what's in it...

Lots of room for crafty enjoyment in this relaxed creative space.

Brightly lit and spacious, there's generous room at each spot, set with an
A3-size cutting mat, A4 scratch paper, a small waste bin and a drink coaster

The chairs have armrests and a pillow for extra comfort.

Easy listening music is piped through wall-mounted speakers and reverse-cycle air-conditioning adds to the pleasant ambience.

There's also a television mounted for all seated crafters to easily view, either displaying workshop instructions or available workshop projects.

All the messy stuff takes place at ergonomic (standing height) benches, dedicated for ink blending, heat setting, die cutting or embossing.

A small 'shop' area includes regularly used consumable items and a selection of tools.

Hot beverages and light refreshment are provided for FREE at all workshops.

Yes you can...even if you think you can't.

Somewhere along your craft path you may have heard the term "You can't teach creativity!"

 Alannah truly believes everyone is creative even if they think they aren't. It's all about giving it a go, embracing  'mistakes', exploring random gatherings of thought and understanding technique. The more something is understood the more tempting it is to try it. Alannah's workshops always include one or more techniques with step-by-step guidance. There's even a dedicated Technique Tuesday (twice each month) where you'll get to play with different tools and products and learn some interesting techniques to enhance your card making experience. Plus you'll take home finished cards using those techniques. READ MORE

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes - Art is knowing which ones to keep.

Let's get creative and make some Art along the way!

Interested? Please visit the calendar page for dates that best suit you. Bookings essential.

New to this craft? RELAX...because every confident card maker started out as a newbie once upon a time.

A wonderful experience awaits those who are new to this craft and you don't have to bring a thing!

In-house basic tools are available for 'first-time' crafters to use during a workshop.

Bring a friend with you or come alone, you'll be made welcome by Alannah and all the regular crafters.

Get in touch to find out more. 

"Crafting. It's cheaper than therapy."

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