Scoreboard Saturday...

is a Paper Craft Workshop held on the FIRST SATURDAY of each month, in the afternoon.

Doors open 1.00pm to allow time to get settled, make a cuppa and/or have a chat before the workshop starts.

Workshop starts at 1.30pm and finishes at 4.30pm

2018 Workshop Calendar

Paper Craft is mostly a 3+ hour 'beyond beginners' workshop.

The most important skill when making boxes and other paper craft items is accurate trimming, making straight scorelines and burnishing a fold (making a Crispy Crease). As long as you feel confident using your paper trimmer, scoreboard, making neat scissor cuts and burnishing crispy creases, you'll love this craft.

These workshops usually involve use of a Scoreboard (hence the name) and/or an Envelope Punch Board for making Creative Folds.
(more about tools & adhesives here)

Boxes and Paper Craft items require strong adhesives such as 'tacky' wet glue and/or (red) 'Wonder Tape'.
Both are essential at these workshops.

Beyond-The-Page elements, Chipboard items, and/or other 3-D handmade creations may also be included in these workshops.
Most embellishments will be MYO (make your own) during the workshop.

It is important to work at your own pace after reading the instructions and watching a demonstration.
'Slow-crafting' offers a more relaxed crafty experience.

Bookings are essential due to limited seating.

Price ranges from $20.00 - $30.00 per crafter, depending on the project on offer and/or the raw materials used.
In most cases the price will be advertised on the HOME page.

All materials are provided EXCEPT ADHESIVES. Please BYO TOOLS.

Allow 3+ hours for this workshop.

Card making workshops can be great social events, so please arrive 20 minutes prior to workshop start times to get settled in, make a cuppa and/or have a chat before the workshop commences. Alannah may also have prepared written instructions for you to peruse during this time

Please call or text 0417 211 386 to book your spot.
or email

framed paper craft 4017 project with flower
(above) Framed Tattered Florals - April 2018

(above) February 2018

2017 - December - Paper Craft - Accordion Calendar

(above) Wiper Card - Nov 2017 
Pull on the sides of this card and watch an image appear on top. This card fits a standard C6 envelope.

2017 - October Paper Craft  'Boxxle' Lanterns included LED tea light.

2017 - September Paper Craft

Origami Gift Box Teal & Orange 
    2017 - Origami Gift Boxes with Lid - Make one box with lace & flower embellished lid, PLUS take home instructions.

(above) 2017 August Paper Craft "Faceted Boxes"

July Paper Craft (above) Christmas-in-July Postage-friendly 3D

June Paper Craft (above) Tea Light Lanterns

May Paper Craft Workshop (above) "Pringles" Up-cycle

April Paper Craft Workshop (above) Notebooks

AlannahMay'd PINWHEEL Card   AlannahMay'd PINWHEEL open
March 2017 Workshop (above) Pinwheel cards
January 2017 Paper Craft  
January 2017 Workshop (above) Matchbox Comfort

Example January 2017 Paper Craft Item (above)

Example 2016 Paper Craft Items (above and below)










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