The Relaxed Creative Space

The term 'relaxed' means you may craft at your own pace once you are shown the project and have read the instructions. You do not have to make identical cards to the samples. Alannah encourages you to put your own slant on each project rather than 'copy' the project exactly. Please arrive before the advertised start date, thank you.

Brightly lit and spacious.

Each spot featuring a 1.8m long table, an A3-size craft mat with a sheet of A4 scratch paper. A small waste bin is also provided at each spot and chairs have armrests and cushions for extra comfort. Easy listening music is piped through wall-mounted speakers and reverse-cycle air-conditioning adds to the pleasant ambience. There's also a wall-mounted tv screen to display images for project reference. All the messy stuff takes place at standing height benches with dedicated areas for ink blending, heat setting, stamping, die cutting and/or embossing.

Currently, for that extra crafting pleasure there's only 4 crafters at any session while we practice social distancing. This means loads of room to spread out while creating.

Doors open 30 minutes prior to an event to give you time to arrive and get settled, to have a chat and/or read any instructions before the workshop starts. Please be on time, thank you.

Paper & Crafty Workshop Space
Currently the creative space is set for 4 crafters, however this may revert back to 8 crafters per session in the future. For the moment though, there's lots of space to spread out your craftiness (:

...here's some PAPER & CRAFTY topics...

Often asked...what are the best trimmers?
No models are mentioned, but here's a quickie guide.

$$$$ (>$300) Big Spender - Professional
These fall into one specific category - self-sharpening - professional use - will cut multi-thickness substrates.

$$$ (>$150)  High End
Most also self-sharpening - worthy of investment for cutting varied & multi-thickness substrates.
(HINT: grab one when they're on special)

$$ (usually <100) Mid Range
Mostly a sliding triangular blade (not rotary) and will easily cut single cardstock and multi-thick paper. You may find rotary trimmers under $100 if you look around. These will have an extendable arm to fit 12" paper. You will need to replace blades at some stage, depending on how much use it gets. Some versions come with a scoring option.

$ (usually around $50 or less)  Economical
These are the most economical and a great trimmer for beginners.
Trims single sheets of card depending on how sharp the blade is, and will trim paper nicely. Replace blades as needed.

These do not have a blade, rather it's a 'shear factor' when slicing substrate.
For crafting, these come in various sizes.
Most popular is 12x12 (mostly for home use) all the way down to 6" mini versions (for those smaller straight cuts).
The mini is a very handy little investment tool.


The term burnish has been around for centuries and commonly described a technique by potters using the back of a spoon to polish raw clay, before firing. Lately, a phrase in paper crafting for creating a firm crease with a 'bone folder' tool is being called 'burnishing'. Burnishing means 'to polish' or 'make shiny' and this certainly applied when we were using 'bone' folders or 'plastic' ones, especially on darker coloured card stock. The result of running the folder tool over the fold did make some cardstock shiny. Most crafters have now invested in TEFLON folder tools. The result is no longer shiny. Perhaps we should simply refer to this action as 'firmly crease' rather than 'burnish'...


Most 3D projects require a small (or larger) tab to attach to another fold or side to create wonderful 3D dimension. Example being a box, a gift box with lid or a special shadow box card. Over past decades there was a weight loss product of a similar name. On PAPER & CRAFTY instruction sheets you may read this phrase 'trim tabs'. It simply means to cut with scissors to remove a 'wedge' and/or 'reduce' the length of a flap to make construction easier. Don't worry if it sounds confusing, you will be guided through this task at every workshop on a one-to-one basis.


The creative space is located at a private residence. 21 Greendale Place, Bracken Ridge, 4017
By appointment only.
Sorry, no walk-ins permitted.
The creative space is Air-Conditioned and offers 4 spots per session with an armrest chair and support pillows for extra comfort. If interested in any advertised session, please get in touch as crafty spots fill fast.
YOU + 3?
If you have a small group (4 crafters) who wish to come on a specific day not already filled on the calendar, you are welcome to get in touch for your own custom session. Please get in touch to discuss further and arrange a day/time that suits. Minimum cost for a custom session is $100 shared between attending crafters (i.e. 4 crafters @ $25.00 each)
Sorry, no photographs are allowed. The use of an image capturing device such as mobile phone, camera, or tablet is NOT PERMITTED due to Privacy, Copyright and I.P legislation. Before the workshop starts, please be considerate and switch your mobile to silent mode to let it go to voicemail or to vibrate if you're expecting an important call during any session. Be considerate to other crafters. Please excuse yourself from the room when taking a call.
Alannah stocks some products and tools for crafters as well as most consumables frequently used during crafty projects. Adhesives and etc.
There's adequate street parking in the cul-de-sac for visiting crafters. Parking on a nature strip or obstructing a driveway is prohibited under QLD road rules. If in doubt where to park please refer to Residential Parking Fact Sheet.
Appropriate footwear (closed in shoes) are required when attending ALL Paper & Crafty Workshops.
Food is not permitted in the studio and no beverages are provided at these workshops. If a medical condition requires you to bring a drink it MUST HAVE A SECURE LID to avoid spills.

A fabulous way to pay forward your love of card making... make greeting cards out of scrap paper and/or revamp old Christmas Cards for donating to charities to help raise monies for worthy causes. Most will accept hand made cards which have envelopes and are sealed in plastic sleeves ready for sale. Proudly add your name to the back of your creations. The simple joy of creating something by hand and the positive energy infused into each handmade card or paper craft item, makes it a unique and personal gift, and a joy to receive.


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