In their own words...

Yes, Alannah ticks all the boxes
✔ Comfortable spacious space
✔ Cool in Summer, warm in Winter
✔  Refreshments in abundance
However, that can be said of most craft venues. It is true that if your back aches at the end of a session or you sat in a pool of sweat you are unlikely to return but what makes these classes superior here is that Alannah is
✔ Organised and intuitive to your needs
✔ Encourages creativity
✔ Has everything, and I mean everything, at her fingertips and is happy to go off script for you
✔ Shares her incredible talent and background in all art mediums
✔ Real value for money

E 4017

I really enjoy doing the workshops at Alannahs' place.

They are very creative, relaxed  and you can go at your
own pace. We can chat and have coffee/tea and sometimes
something to eat, depending if some one feels like cooking.

The technique and cute cards would have to be my

favourite. There are too many to pick from.


These workshops are exquisite.
Apart from the beautiful card making/ other projects (boxes/lanterns)
she imparts her knowledge clearly and precisely and brings a wealth of knowledge as an artist to colour, form and creativity.
The class is also a very friendly social event.
I especially love the lanterns.

CJL 4017

I absolutely love Alannah's workshops. Instructions are provided (written & verbal)
but you also have the freedom to add your own style & work at your own pace. Lots of friendly banter too.
My fave project?? Gosh, everything!!!!

Fran 4017

I'm a big fan of Lanna's classes. I just wish I could get there more often.
I've made cards for over 10 years now yet Lanna always shows me some new way about it. I like looking at the slideshows of the different card options on the big screen too.
My favourite would have to be the B&W Origami Gift Box with a lid full of double pansies.

DM 4017

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