Welcome to an air-conditioned, comfortable and relaxed creative space for card making and paper craft workshops.
Workshops are suitable for adult crafters (18yrs +) either 'beginner' or 'experienced crafter'.

Mass-produced, machine printed greeting cards have been faced with competition from electronic greeting cards. Now more than ever people are devoting time to creating their own handmade greeting cards for a special event. The simple joy of creating something from scratch and the positive energy infused into each handmade card, makes it a unique and personal gift, and a joy to receive.


Alannah May is an artist.

Having produced large-scale murals for museums throughout Queensland and privately commissioned for work on smaller canvasses in the past, she brings her experience and knowledge of paint mediums, inking and texture techniques and adapts them seamlessly to bring you card making and paper craft workshops with more ART!

Alannah offers workshops in a relaxed atelier (studio) featuring beautiful hand made cards and paper craft items you'll be proud to create and gift to friends and family.

You'll definitely get your fingers dirty at these workshops because Alannah willingly shares her knowledge and skills to encourage others in developing and exploring their 'artistic flair' with inks, paints and various other mediums.

With the main focus on techniques, hints, tips and clever ideas, you'll enjoy making cards with a wonderful blend of both art and craft, that will have you learning new ways with old techniques, skilled shortcuts and the 'lazy way' to create gorgeous inked backgrounds.

Learn clever colouring styles, highlighting the easy way, how to add 3D shading to die cut animals and much more.

Creativity and courage go hand-in-hand, so you'll be encouraged to step away from ordinary run-of-the-mill card making and step a little outside your 'comfort zone', all under the watchful eye of an experienced artist and crafter.

You will be guided step-by-step through each of the workshops, with explanations and demonstrations of what to do, how to do it and the order of things.

Somewhere along your craft path you may have heard the term "You can't teach creativity!" Alannah truly believes everyone is creative even if they think they aren't. It's all about giving it a go, embracing 'mistakes', exploring random gatherings of thought and understanding technique. The more something is understood the more tempting it is to try it.

If creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes and art is knowing which ones to keep, we're going to have the most wondrous journey along the way.

Doors open 30 minutes earlier than the advertised workshop to allow settling time - make a cuppa, time to read instructions, and/or chat with other crafters/friends.

Mobile phones should be set to silent at this stage. You're welcome to take a call but please be considerate and excuse yourself from the studio as not to disturb other crafters.You are encouraged to craft at your own pace after being introduced to the project. Let's use 'Slow Crafting' for want of a better term.
Most workshops last 2-3 hours and comfortable seating is available for 8 crafters for any one workshop, so book early to guarantee your spot.
Bookings are essential as workshops are held at a private address. No 'walk-ins' without a prior appointment, please.

While there is no cancellation fee, if you have booked a spot but can't make it on the day, a courtesy email or text is appreciated.

Crafters, please BYO adhesives and a basic toolbox to all workshops.


Pronounciation = Ah + LAN + Ah

Irish origin:
Adding 'a' to leanbh, the word for “child” in Irish, brings a sense of warmth – “O child” and is a favoured name in Ireland.

May'd (Items created by Alannah May are Alannah May'd - a clever word play, combining both noun and verb)

Atelier**: (meaning) a workshop or studio, especially one used by an artist or designer. A room where an artist works.